• Temperature control valve
    This kind of product is suitable for the automatic control of the internal temperature of the machine, the automobile industry, also can be used in the field of military product temperature automatic control and so on.Light weight, small occupied space, construction and other comprehensive cost savings are also a lot of.
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  • Electric heater temperature package
    The product is suitable for air temperature control can automatically adjust room temperature, is a constant temperature building components.It has small size, small occupied space, and can be designed according to the needs of the size of the size of the components, structure.
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  • Heat booster
    This product is suitable for temperature control, ventilation control, temperature control of central air conditioning, temperature control and other products.With a wide range of temperature control, temperature control is accurate, simple structure, reliable performance and so on.
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TEST TEST TEST TEST  [ 2016-1-21 ]
Principle of constant temperature: thermostatic mixing valve is mainly the characteristics of temperature sensitive materials to control the spool valve body movement, while regulating cold and hot water inlet size, and to control the outlet water temperature is constant. When the temperature control knob setting in the specified temperature range (normal temperature range formulated in 25-55 degrees can tune, please refer to the following product description) a value no matter how the change in inlet temperature, pressure, and the water outlet can maintain a constant temperature of outlet water.

Advantage: its characteristic is not electricity, only need to have hot water can work, use safe and convenient. The temperature setting is simple, the water temperature is constant after the setting, and no need to adjust the temperature. To ensure the safety of the use of hot water, can prevent unnecessary damage caused by improper use of hot water.

Luxury products are more suitable for the use of the central hot water system of star families, luxury hotels, hotels and luxury sauna and other luxury clubs, but also suitable for a variety of hot water system.

Ordinary series of products are more suitable for the use of solar water heaters, electric water heaters, heat pump water heaters and other hot water systems have a variety of household use.

Engineering products are more suitable for use in large-scale water supply system groups to use hot water club. Such as school dormitories, hospitals, enterprises and institutions and other organizations bathhouse clubs.

Accessories series products are used in electric water heater accessory products. The current supply of customers are: the United States Group