• Temperature control valve
    This kind of product is suitable for the automatic control of the internal temperature of the machine, the automobile industry, also can be used in the field of military product temperature automatic control and so on.Light weight, small occupied space, construction and other comprehensive cost savings are also a lot of.
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  • Electric heater temperature package
    The product is suitable for air temperature control can automatically adjust room temperature, is a constant temperature building components.It has small size, small occupied space, and can be designed according to the needs of the size of the size of the components, structure.
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  • Heat booster
    This product is suitable for temperature control, ventilation control, temperature control of central air conditioning, temperature control and other products.With a wide range of temperature control, temperature control is accurate, simple structure, reliable performance and so on.
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HOSSN Technology Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful scenery and convenient transportation of the coastal city of Shenzhen, is to the cause of the development of energy-saving as the leading comprehensive enterprise. The company is committed to develop an energy-saving products. Strive to product diversification, industrial system, humanized service.
HOSSN technology sector are all functions as R & D and production and sales of energy-saving products business in their respective fields.
HOSSN technology division division, intelligent temperature control and energy saving control division.
HOSSN technology products are temperature control series, intelligent control of home electrical appliances and other products series.
As the main to carry out energy-saving cause application companies, HOSSN people-oriented science and technology, technology as the core to promote the development of energy-saving products, and launched more with peoples life closely related with energy-saving products, to achieve better energy savings.
HOSSN technology stressed that the company staff to go to learn to enjoy life, but also to experience life. To understand the needs of peoples lives for resources, but also to learn to cherish the resources and energy conservation, as well as the introduction of more and better energy-saving products